Posted: 15th November, 2022

Issue 1 : The New LMNS Website

Sussex LMNS has a new website, which is full of information, resources and features to support you on your maternity journey and beyond.

The Accessibility Toolbar

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Wellbeing and Exercise in Pregnancy Programme

The WEPP programme offers you a library of wellbeing and exercise videos, as well as other resources to support you.

WEPP Videos

There are a variety of videos focused on all aspects of wellbeing, so please look through the catalogue to see what is available to prioritise your health before, during, and after pregnancy. Before making use of the suite of WEPP videos and resources, make sure you speak to your healthcare provider and read General Precautions, to make sure this is safe for you.

Maternity & Neonatal information

The website holds over 100 pages of NHS information that aims to support you and answer any questions you have about your pregnancy, birth and postpartum journey. To help you navigate the website, content is split into four main sections.

Throughout the four sections above, the website provides a wide range of information, useful links, and signposting to further reading. The website also contains links to external charities, services and organisations that provide helpful information and support from pre-conception to birth and all the range of experiences in-between.

The website also includes a section written by our Maternal Medicines team, who provide Specialist support for those who develop medical complications during pregnancy or have significant pre-existing medical conditions. Information, support, and guidance is available here:

This website has three key features

Key maternity & neonatal information – Including resources for partners and family members. Accessibility tools to offer translation in up to 100 languages, and options for users with sensory impairments. Access to the Wellness and Exercise Programme (WEPP) offering a suite of videos and resources.

Quick Links

Your Feedback Matters

We hope that this website will provide a central point of information, guidance, and resources for you.

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