Getting pregnant if you have a mental health condition

Advice on what you should do if you're trying to get pregnant and have a mental health condition, or did in the past.

If you have a mental health condition, or did in the past, being pregnant can make you unwell again.

Severe mental health conditions such as psychosis, schizophrenia or bipolar disorder are more likely to make you unwell again.

Everyone’s mental health journey is different, but whatever happens, you will have a team of people supporting you. This may include midwives, GPs and mental health specialists.

Speak to a GP if:

  • you have a mental health condition and are worried about getting pregnant
  • you’re taking medicine for a mental health condition and you want to get pregnant

If you're trying to get pregnant or have found out you're pregnant

Do not stop taking medicine for your mental health condition without speaking to a GP – this can make your condition come back or get worse.


The 2 types of treatment for mental health problems in pregnancy are talking therapies and medicine.

If you take medicine while you’re pregnant your doctor will explain how this may affect your baby. Try not to worry – you’ll be offered the safest medicine at the lowest dose that will still work.

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