Your pregnancy to-do list

Use this checklist to help you keep a record of things to do and important appointments to keep in pregnancy.

Stay organised throughout your pregnancy

You can print the list on this page to keep track of things you need to do during your pregnancy, such as book antenatal classes, tell your work you're pregnant and think about where you'd like to have your baby.

⬜ Take a pregnancy test: doing a pregnancy test

⬜ Learn about the benefits you are entitled to: maternity and paternity benefits and leave

⬜ Stay active, start exercising: exercise in pregnancy

⬜ Take folic acid: vitamins, supplements and nutrition in pregnancy

⬜ If you smoke, get help to quit: stop smoking in pregnancy

⬜ Make an appointment to see your midwife or GP: your antenatal care

⬜ Book antenatal classes: antenatal classes

⬜ Learn about the vaccinations you should get during pregnancy

⬜ Claim free milk, fruit and vegetables through Healthy Start: get help to buy food and milk

⬜ Make sure you've been offered all your screening tests: antenatal checks and tests

⬜ Make an appointment to see a dentist: dentists

⬜ Find out about your rights at work: GOV.UK: maternity pay and leave

⬜ Ask to hear your baby's heartbeat: your antenatal care

⬜ Visit the maternity unit you plan to give birth in: where to give birth: the options

⬜ Start buying the things you'll need for your baby: what you'll need for your baby

⬜ Feeling hungry? Stick to a sensible diet: have a healthy diet in pregnancy and foods to avoid in pregnancy

⬜ Start making your birth plan: how to make a birth plan

⬜ Write to your employer 15 weeks before you plan to stop work: GOV.UK: maternity pay and leave

⬜ Claim Maternity Allowance after week 26: GOV.UK: maternity allowance

⬜ See if you're eligible for a Sure Start Maternity Grant: GOV.UK: Sure Start Maternity Grant

⬜ Make sure you know the signs of labour: signs that labour has begun

⬜ Pack a bag ready for labour and birth: pack your bag for labour

⬜ For birth partners, prepare for the birth: tips for your birth partner

⬜ When in labour, phone the maternity unit before leaving home: what happens at the hospital or birth centre

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