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The LMNS Professionals library is a repository of both maternity and neonatal information, with links to the most up to date research, guidance, and reports. It is also a place to find links to third party sites and further reading.

If you would like to add content to this area or think something is missing, please complete a change request form and let us know.

Personalised Care

Together Project - Maternity Passport

Resources to support the workforce in delivering good maternity care to parents with learning disabilities.

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Personalised Care and Support Plan Library

Digital library of links listed in the hardcopy PCSP.

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Badger Notes App

Information and FAQs covering the BadgerNet service user app.

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Information and Guidance


PREM 7 is a perinatal project aiming to improve outcomes for babies who are born prematurely in the South East region.

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Pregnancy Care Transfer Card

Vulnerable migrants such as asylum seekers and refugees may be relocated at short notice. These transfer cards aim to improve safety by supporting pregnant women and pregnant people.

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Bliss Baby Charter

The Bliss Baby Charter places families at the centre of their baby's care and is a practical framework that units can assess themselves against.

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Saving Babies’ Lives Version Two

A care bundle for reducing perinatal mortality.

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Blood Assist

A website for assisting clinical practice in the administration of blood components.
For Patients 18 Years and Over.

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The European Standards of Care for Newborn Health (ESCNH)

Addressing the disparities in provision and quality of care existing in Europe through a comprehensive set of reference standards.

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Epilepsy and Pregnancy

Professional Reference articles are designed for health professionals to use.

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Epilepsy - Personalised care

Epilepsy and Pregnancy – new project to create personalised care for at-risk mums

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